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For each project, you simply complete an interview process. From then on, you develop like you normally do, but you use ProjectAdmin to make each new release. It will handle any or all of the following tasks: change logs, todo lists, source control, versioning, packaging, distribution of files and updating web content.

It is also very customizable and expandable. Each project can have its own configuration and add-ons, as well as global settings and add-ons. Source control is abstracted into the "cvs" module so other types can be used instead. Package building is currently done through the "rpm" module and other modules can also be added.

Note that this project is NOT COMPLETE. But it is released under the MIT license which means you can do whatever you want with it. I'm hoping that other people might help me complete this project.

For now, there is minimal documentation, but I do use it myself to build LogWatch. You can download the tarball of either of those to see their /project/ directory to get an idea of how to use ProjectAdmin.

Although ProjectAdmin was designed to be very flexible, I have only written the modules I need so far -- which is RPM package support and CVS source control support. Other packages and source control systems could easily be supported.

There is one bug I know of -- the change log file gets corrupted at times and I have to manually remove all dates to get things working again.

One thing I'd really like for myself is the ability to use Freshmeat's new SOAP interface to automatically announce new releases.

So, you can download ProjectAdmin Version 0.1 and try it out for yourself. It is mostly implemented in Bash and some Perl.

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