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This is a Perl script that will rip audio CDs into well-organized directories of mp3s. A directory is created for each disc, in the form "music_type/artist/album". ID3 tags are added to the MP3s. Information about the CD is retrieved through CDDB. It is designed to run on Linux, but may operate on other systems if setup properly.

The main design goal was minimal user interaction. You place a CD in a drive, and start the script. It will show you its progress. It first rips all songs off of the CD as quickly as possible. It will then eject the CD and begin the MP3 compression process. At this point, you can place another CD in the drive and start another process.

I found this to be nice when turning my whole CD collection into MP3s. I may be working at my computer for six hours. I can get about twelve processes compressing MP3s simultaneously. When I come back the next morning, all of them have finished and I can continue ripping CDs.

The program also focuses on problem resolution. If a process is interrupted, it can be resumed with minimal loss. If the power goes out while I have twelve compression routines running, I can quickly resume those twelve processes without starting over.


In addition to the mp3Rip program below, you need CDDB_get. And, you must have some kind of CD ripper (like cdparanoia) and an MP3 compression program (like lame).

Simply download and install any of these programs you do not yet have. Then edit the top of the mp3Rip script and modify any settings so it will work on your system.


You can download Version 1.5 (Sep 8, 2004) Here.

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