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This is a complete web interface for provisioning Linux machines using Kickstart and PXE booting. It has been tested with Fedora Core, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and CentOS. It provides control over your tftp files and a complete web GUI for creating and managing Kickstart files. You can manage multiple Linux distributions, multiple Kickstart profiles, and have default and/or MAC-specific provisioning. It is written in Perl/Mason.

You can download Version 1.5.1 Here.

You can see and use a demo version here (feel free to play around with it, I have another installation for my personal use)


Some features I have not added yet but would like to one day:

  • Profile-specific and Host-specific dynamically-generated ISOs that would allow non-PXE installation.
  • Optional manipulation of the DHCP config to allow to permanantly assign IPs to hosts through DHCP.
  • Ability to add and remove RPMs from distributions via the web interface.
  • Add file upload progress bar such as Uber Uploader (although Mason might make it difficult)
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